My goal is to grow this Fantasy League to be as big as possible, so we are aiming with this season to get at least 350 tribes registered. If we reach that goal, then if you place in the top 50 tribes, at the end of the season, your name will be entered into a drawing to win the merge buff from this season!

A secondary goal is to get as many past Survivor players to join the league, if they aren’t spoiled on the season. This is not limited to the US players, but also the South African, Australian and New Zealand players as well. I would like to see which country does the best. So please encourage any former Survivor players you know to register and play. Please don’t hound them though.

Right now we have Lisa Stanger from NZ season 2 registered. Jessica Lewis (S33) and Dylan Conrad (NZ2) have played in the past and I expect they will register as well.