Regular Season Rules

Here are the rules of the regular season leagues:

A regular season league is a fantasy league for a Survivor season that is currently airing on CBS.  The off season league is for previously completed seasons, using episodes from 14 different seasons.

Marc Percy is the facilitator of the site/leagues and has the ultimate say on whether something counts as points or not, but if an obvious mistake is made and reported, it will be researched and corrected, if necessary. He will participate in regular leagues, but not in the off season leagues.

Most of the point categories are pretty self explanatory, which you can find here, but I will clarify some of them below:

Confessionals:  Many fantasy leagues uses a count posted in the Survivor Sucks forums, which I believe uses a 10 second gap to determine the confessionals.  I prefer to score these myself and while it is more difficult to count, I feel it is a better representation of confessionals.  10 second gap in confessional talk or a confessional lasting 30 seconds counts as a new confessional.  This method starts with season 33.

Questions by Jeff:  EVERY question he asks, even if it is a follow up “why?” counts. The player must answer Jeff to count and if another player chimes in, there comment does NOT count, since the question wasn’t directed towards them.

These explanations also apply to the Off Season league, in addition to the rules published for the Off Season.

The points are divided into 3 categories.  Strategic Points, Challenge Related Points and Storytelling Points and a leader will be determined for each section, along with an overall leader.  This change in the point system starts with season 33.