Scoring for the finale was a little different due to the Jury Twist. Any Juror not voted out in that TC received the points for being safe at TC. The finale challenge was a reward challenge and was scored as such. Points were rewarded to Jury members for YouTube confessionals, Probst Questions and Parchments Shown.

Here are the final standings for Survivor: Kaoh Rong. The Underdogs tribe lost 12 positions, down to 81th position, leaving 193 tribes performing worse. Awkward Turtles remained at first place position and won by 32 points.

Michele was picked on 119 tribes
Aubry was picked on 102 tribes
Tai was picked on 138 tribes
Cydney was picked on 65 tribes

The top performing tribes were:
Baylor – 216
Awkward Turtles – 215
SomethingSomethingSomething – 214
ShaneGotScrewed – 214
Syrup House – 212