With Season 32 winding down, it is time for the Survivor Off Season Fantasy League. Registration is opened now, through May 31st. Here is a quick rundown of how it works:

There are 14 “Episodes” in this league, with each episode being from a different season of Survivor. They are randomly determined and we use the episode from the chosen season that corresponds to the episode picked for the league. For example, Gabon was picked for Episode 1 of the league, so episode 1 of Gabon is used for the scoring. South Pacific was picked for Episode 2 of the league, so episode 2 of South Pacific is used for the scoring. The only time a different episode is used is if the episode is a recap episode. In those cases we use the next episode.

Here are the seasons used:
1. Survivor: Gabon
2. Survivor: South Pacific
3. Survivor: Worlds Apart
4. Survivor: Tocantins
5. Survivor: Guatemala
6. Survivor: Micronesia
7. Survivor: Vanuatu
8. Survivor: The Australian Outback
9. Survivor: All-Stars
10. Survivor: Philippines
11. Survivor: Africa
12. Survivor: Borneo
13. Survivor: One World
14. Survivor: Cagayan

What you need to do is come up with a tribe name and pick 8 player positions to represent your tribe. For each episode, the players from that season are randomly assigned positions to earn points for. When a player gets eliminated from the episode, that player position no longer earns points in the league. For example, Michelle Chase is the boot for Gabon, so her position can no longer earn points. If there are more than 16 contestants on the chosen season, there will be some that will not be eligible to earn points. Again, all player positions were done at random, with all booted player filling the eliminated positions in the league.

The scores will be updated on a regular interval over the off season and will conclude prior to the start of the next season of Survivor.

Here is the registration form:

Unlike the regular league, the off season league will not be divided by site. I ask for which site you identify with for this game, and will just be used for classification.