Off Season 03 Fantasy League Rules

Welcome to the third edition of the Survivor Off Season Fantasy League.

Here is how it works:

There will be 14 rounds, with each round being a random season’s episode (The episode # will match the round #) and you pick 8 player positions that represent your tribe. The only exceptions are if the episode # is a recap episode, which we will use the next regular episode or if the season selected for the finale only has 13 episodes, then we will use the actual finale episode.

For Example: If Survivor: Tocantins is selected as the first round season, then episode 1 from Tocantins will be used for round 1. Then if Marquesas is selected for round 2, episode 2 of Marquesas will be used.

Players eliminated from the season we are watching – These players will be placed into the player positions that are eliminated during the previous off season league rounds.  For example, Position six was eliminated in round 1 of the first edition, which means that player position won’t be available for points for the rest of the season.  In Nicaragua, Wendy was the first voted off, occupying position 6.  In round 2, Jolanda would now reside in position 6, since she was previously eliminated from the game in her season.

There could be the time when a particular season has more people eliminated than we have in the off season league.  In those cases, the most recent boot(s), that are additional boots will occupy positions that are still in the game, if there aren’t enough players to fill all the positions, meaning that the position they fill wouldn’t earn points that round, but would still be in the game for the next round.  If there are players that are still in their season, but wouldn’t be normally eligible because their player position was above 16, they will become eligible, as appropriate, and the extra eliminated player(s) would take the higher positions.  This may sound confusing, but the main purpose is to make sure that for each position that is still in the game, there is an active player to fill that position and only in rare occasions that may not be possible.

Determining player position numbers – We use a random order of the players to determine their position numbers.  This would allow someone like Tom Westman to have a chance to earn you points, when more than likely he would not, since he was on a season with more than 20 players.  The random order will be used to fill the active positions in the league and the eliminated positions will be filled by those eliminated from that season, as described above.

The points system we will use is the one I have developed to use for the current regular season Fantasy League, which you can find at:

There won’t be any bonus points, since it would be impossible to predict people’s names, so if there ends up being a tie, then so be it.

I will put the seasons and players into a randomizer to get the 14 seasons and eligible players that will make up the rounds and I will publish them once the registration period has passed. I will watch each episode that will be used and tally the points, just like I did during this past season and will post the leader board and points breakdown.  The results will be spread over the course of a month, publishing every other day.