Since we have changed how we are assigning player numbers for the Off Season leagues, I have decided to release the season/episodes that will be used for the Off Season 02 league.  Since you won’t know who is which player number, I won’t reveal the player numbers until after registration as closed and there isn’t any advantage at knowing the seasons.

The episode used corresponds to the number next to the season.  If that happens to be a recap episode, the next episode is used.

  1. Survivor: Gabon
  2. Survivor: South Pacific
  3. Survivor: Worlds Apart
  4. Survivor: Tocantins
  5. Survivor: Guatemala
  6. Survivor: Micronesia
  7. Survivor: Vanuatu
  8. Survivor: The Australian Outback
  9. Survivor: All-Stars
  10. Survivor: Philippines
  11. Survivor: Africa
  12. Survivor: Borneo
  13. Survivor: One World
  14. Survivor: Cagayan