Scoring for the finale was a little different due to the Jury Twist. Any Juror not voted out in that TC received the points for being safe at TC. The finale challenge was a reward challenge and was scored as such. Points were rewarded to Jury members for YouTube confessionals, Probst Questions and Parchments Shown.

Here are the final standings for Survivor: Kaoh Rong. The Underdogs tribe maintain their place at 1st position, leaving all tribes performing worse. Since The Underdogs were just a fun tribe, they don’t win, so that means Nico Survivor won by 170 points.

Michele was picked on 4 tribes
Aubry was picked on 3 tribes
Tai was picked on 4 tribes
Cydney was picked on 2 tribes

The top tribes were:
The Underdogs – MPTRIBE League – 227
Julie’s Jems – 131
Nico survivor – 127
You Got Smoked – 94
Outfitters – 78