This is the Legacy Survivor Fantasy Tribes site, with the last season to be used is the Bryant Steel Off Season International Showdown league. Starting with Survivor 38: Edge of Extinction, we will be on and this site, will be active for 2 years, for reference to previous league results.

Welcome to Survivor Fantasy Tribes

This website is designed for you to join a Survivor Fantasy League and track the progress of your tribe throughout the season.  For those that aren’t familiar with what a Survivor Fantasy League is, let me explain:

There are several different formats which fantasy leagues can take on.  Some have picks that you change every week, some have drafts where you do a rotation pick of the players on your tribe and there are some where you pick who you want and you sit back and watch the points come pouring in.

This particular league is the later, where you pick half of the upcoming season’s castaways that you think will last the longest, earn the most points or hopefully both.  Review the Points System page for how points are determined and awarded.

To join a league, you must submit the registration form, during the enrollment period, which generally runs from the time CBS announces the cast and runs for two weeks.  You will then check back to keep track of how you are doing.  At this point it is just for fun and there are no prizes and it is completely free of charge.